‘Within a radius of 100 km’

I am going to start a series of posts on the sites that I already wanted to visit beforehand.

[Edit June 2020: this list of tourist sites will continue, although the limitation is lifted, the fact remains that 100 km correspond to 3/4 h – 1 hour and a half, depending on the quality of the communication axes, and then you never know, if the epidemic returns, it can always be useful.]

“but which, at the moment, are too far as the crow flies for my current geolocation.

I will use this site ‘Confinement: map of the exit area’ (at this address: https://carte-sortie-confinement.fr) to quickly assess the area affected by the 100 km limit and thus everyone can check who is able to get there from his home.

(It is possible to move within a radius of 100 km as the crow flies from your vacation in France during deconfinement, or more than 100 km, provided you stay within the territorial limits of your department)”

While waiting, of course, to be able to go there later as I had planned! 😉

Carte Paul Vidal de La Blache - Les Cours d Eau de France

I add here a list of sites (use ‘translate’, it works fine) that I had drawn up on twitter: