Tourist sites: the birthplace and the Tomb of Clemenceau

To start this series of blog posts on the tourist sites I wanted to visit before, here is the birthplace of Georges Clemenceau, probably the most famous Vendéen to date, in the town of Mouilleron-en-Pareds in the department of Vendée.

It should be noted that this house has become a museum and that this “national Clemenceau-de-Lattre museum” is also composed of the birthplace of Jean de Lattre de Tassigny, in the same town.

The two men each had a preponderant role during the two world wars, Clemenceau having won the nickname “Father of victory” during the war 14-18

Birthplace Clemenceau museum
Clemenceau's birthplace in Mouilleron-en-pareds[See the GPS coordinates of Clemenceau’s birthplace on the deconfinement map]
Georges Clemenceau around 1865Georges Clemenceau around 1865
Portrait of Georges Clemenceau by Edouard ManetPortrait of Clemenceau by Edouard Manet


Clemenceau, then Minister of the Interior in 1907 is also nicknamed “the Tiger”, he thus participated in creating the Tiger Brigades

Clemenceau, police logo

Not far from Mouilleron-en-Pareds is the tomb of Clemenceau, a few km further north-west, at Mouchamps, in the town of his father’s origin, with which he is buried.

Tomb of Clemenceau, in Mouchamps[See the GPS coordinates of the Tomb of Clemenceau in Mouchamps on the deconfinement map]
Tomb of Clemenceau, in MouchampsTomb of Clemenceau in Mouchamps


Then, if you feel like it, and if the distance to the Atlantic Ocean allows it, there is also the house by the sea, where he retired, in Saint-Vincent-sur-Jard, on the Vendée coast.

Seaside house in Saint-Vincent-sur-Jard, in the Vendée departmentSeaside house in Saint-Vincent-sur-Jard, in the Vendée department
Seaside house in Saint-Vincent-sur-Jard, in the Vendée department[See the GPS coordinates of the Clemenceau seaside house on the deconfinement map]


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