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[Poster] Connected — Short Movie

Poster by Barq for the short movie “Connected” – 2009

« Create a movie poster for the short movie Connected. The poster should share some of the characteristics of old sci-fi and horror movie posters from the 70’s, but with a modern touch. »

Connected - The Short Movie66 x 100 cm print

And here is a sketch of a previous version:


You may want to have a look at this post apocalyptic sci-fi short film, here 🙂

You may want to buy the poster, here 🙂

Source: jokke-svin.dk

[Edit] Connected – Short Film video available here

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[Poster] Cassandre — Nord Express

His vision of a poster: « The purely geometric form allows more easily than any other to include clearly every given element within a determined format. »

—  A. M. Cassandre, from Henri Mouron in “L’art Vivant”, novembre 1926.
(Source: Cassandre.fr)

A. M. Cassandre | Nord-Express - 1927A. M. Cassandre | «Nord Express – Londres, Paris, Bruxelles, Liège, Berlin, Varsovie, Riga » – 1927

Source: Dieselpunks

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