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Architectural drawings in ballpoint pen by Tomoyuki Tanaka.

Tomoyuki Tanaka is an unusual Japanese architect, able to draw in two weeks, freehand and ballpoint pen architectural plans. The result is fascinating, without a computer nor software, the plans are to scale.
Here is a quick overview of Shinjuku Station, “one of the world’s biggest, and busiest, transportation hubs”.

Shinjuku Station
Here is a zoom on Shinjuku Station, to realize the plot:

Shinjuku Sta Zoom
Below is Tokyo Station
Tokyo Station

Another zoom, over Tokyo Station, to realize the plot:
Tokyo Station Zoom
For those who have not read the articles these last weeks, you will find them and have more details on Wired and fastcodesign websites.

[Poster] Connected — Short Movie

Poster by Barq for the short movie “Connected” – 2009

« Create a movie poster for the short movie Connected. The poster should share some of the characteristics of old sci-fi and horror movie posters from the 70’s, but with a modern touch. »

Connected - The Short Movie66 x 100 cm print

And here is a sketch of a previous version:


You may want to have a look at this post apocalyptic sci-fi short film, here 🙂

You may want to buy the poster, here 🙂

Source: jokke-svin.dk

[Edit] Connected – Short Film video available here

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