Pop art: Soup Can

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Exercise, Pop Art style with Illustrator vector graphics software:

Soup Can | Boîte de Soupe en Conserve
Pop Art style: Fish Soup can, using Illustrator vector graphics software

| © Guillaume Petit — SKL D Sgn — www.guillaumepetit.fr @SKL, octobre 2013.

Now a classic in terms of design: Box Canned Soup.


Belle-Iloise Stucture / StrokesBelle-iloise Couleurs

 Soup Can.

Inspiration : Andy Warhol – Colored Campbell’s Soup Cans

Exposed at the MoMA :
Andy Warhol: Campbell’s Soup Cans and Other Works, 1953–1967


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Graphics & Moleskine

Good discovery, browsing a book entitled ” Exposer, s’exposer – Galerie anatome, design graphique” (“Exhibit, expose – Anatome Gallery, graphic design”) two Russian designers:

Vladimir Chaika Vladimir Chaika - (this is the original arrangement of the three posters)

and Andrey Logvin.Logvin Design, Andrey Logvin - Museum Night Taste of Life, 2006, Russie

By seeking other images from these artists on the web, this picture, by Paula Scher, also pleased me a lot.

Paula Scher
Appears that link to youtube videos, this diary moleskine, which I use for three years without knowing what veneration surrounds this object … I was looking for a notebook, kind bristol paper to scribble, without spirals, and I fell on the supple model 9 * 13 cardboard cover without elastic.
In fact when I see what is possible to do … To be try.

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