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Examples of ceremonial Gaulish helmets

Very beautiful helmets of the Gaulish Celtic period, few of them have been found to date.

From Normandy to Charente, two of the beautiful ceremonial Gaulish helmets.

The ceremonial Helmet of Amfreville found in North-West of France, dated from – 250 BC.

The ceremonial Helmet of Amfreville, in current Normandy, – 250 BC |
By Siren-Com — Personnal work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

Made with gold, bronze, iron and enamel. White or pink gold has corroded, only the purest gold parts remain. |
Dimensions: 23 centimetres (9.1 inches) , 16.5 centimetres (6.5 inches) long and 16 centimetres (6.2 inches) deep

3D rendering of the Amfreville helmet, made by Jean-René Chatillon.

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The ceremonial Helmet of Agris is a bit older, found in West of France, dated from -400 to -350 BC.

The ceremonial helmet of Agris, in current Charente, -400 to -350 BC (Musée des beaux-arts, Angoulême) |
By Rosemania, CC BY 2.0, Link

Made of an iron hull, with bronze ornamental strips and a decoration in light relief, entirely covered with 99% pure gold leaf, as well as many corals adorning the perimeter and the cap.
Dimensions: 21.4 centimetres (8.4 in) high, 23 by 19 centimetres (9.1 by 7.5 in) wide. Cheek-guard: 9.4 by 7.6 centimetres (3.7 by 3.0 in)

The ceremonial helmet of Agris, in current Charente, -400 to -350 BC (Musée des beaux-arts, Angoulême) |
Patrick BLANCHIER – City of Angoulême

The ceremonial helmet of Agris, in current Charente, -400 to -350 BC (Musée des beaux-arts, Angoulême) |
Coll. du Musée d’Angoulème by DIGISCAN3D, on Sketchfab.

Find a blog post entirely on this topic here (in french) with graphics from this item itself.

[Poster] Be 1 In 100 — The Eddie Adams Workshop XXVIII

[version française ici]

Competition of professional photographers during four days; One hundred students, among those in competition, are carefully selected according to their portfolio.

The Eddie Adams Workshop XXVIII
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Photos: Soviet Era, like frozen in time, different perspective.

[version française ici]

Among the discoveries via « Calvert 22 Foundation » in London, Andrey Shapran seems to me like an echo the « Restricted Areas » project from Danila Tkachenko.

Less farless in his project, less distant « Lands at the Edge of the World, Southern Kuril Islands, Chukotka, Kamchatka, 2005-2015 » puts the light on a strange and strong  landscape from an extreme climate into polar siberian zone up north Russia, with emblems from soviet union stucked and eroded in the far reaches of the arctic latitudes.

Shadings of multiple greys with some touches of colors, here and there.

Andrey Shapran was born in Riga, Latvia.

Project « Cape North. Chukotka »






You will find some more photos here: North Cape. Chukotka for New East Photo Prize exposition, Calvert.